World's Largest Power-to-Gas Plant Established


A Power-to-Gas plant with a rated electrical output of 127 MW is now in operation in Mainz. This makes it the largest facility of its kind so far. In this way up to 1000 cubic meter of hydrogen can be produced per hour using electricity from renewable energy sources.  Wind power stations from the region constitute the main source of the electricity. The electricity can be stored or further processed. 


The operators chose a PEM pressure electrolysis unit in order to optimize its response to unpredictable fluctuations in the amount of electricity. Part of the won hydrogen is directly used as fuel for fuel cell cars, other parts are fed into the gas grid for further processes.

The efficient use of regenerative electricity through the electrolysis of hydrogen is also the basic of the Competence Center “Power to Fuel”.

The plant is operated by the Linde Group, the Siemens AG, the Hochschule RheinMain and the Stadtwerke Mainz AG. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is supporting the project within the Funding Initiative for Energy Storage.