Power-to-X Approach Focused in the Funding Initiative „Kopernikus Projects for the Energy Turnaround“


The closing date for project outlines for the funding initiative „Kopernikus Projects for the Energy Turnaround“ is 8 January 2016. The Power-to-X approach will be one of the funded fields. The Competence Center Power-to-Fuel also falls in this category.


The goal of the Kopernikus Projects is the development of large-scale energy concepts and systems for a sustainable energy system under an integrated approach.

The initiative is part of the new Hightech Strategy of the German Government which strives to a stronger link between industry and science. It was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Especially approaches with a high potential for a successful energy turnaround are to be supported from basic research to applicability. The funding lasts 10 years, all in all 400 million euros will be deployed until 2025.

One Kopernikus Project with a Power-to-X approach will be funded to examine a more flexible use of renewable energy resources. The development of processes and methods for the coupling out of surplus energy from regenerative resources into the sectors heat, mobility and base chemicals is paramount. The large-scale conditions for the production of material energy sources or industrial raw materials from green electricity should be investigated.

Further main topics of the Kopernikus Projects consist in the investigation of new grid structures and the orientation of industrial processes to fluctuating energy supply. Projects about the transformation and cross linking of the energy supply will also be funded considering social, ecological and economic factors involving the European context.