Competence Center Power to Fuel successful at „Kopernikus Projects for the Energy Turnaround“


The Competence Center Powet to Fuel (P2F) plays an important role in one of the four chosen research consortia of the Kopernikus funding initiative of the German FederalMinistry for Education and Research (BMBF). Especially approaches with a high potential for a successful energy turnaround are to be supported from basic research to applicability. The funding lasts 10 years, all in all 400 million euros will be deployed until 2025.


In the research consortium "Power-to-X" P2F is represented with its eight partner professorships. The belonging project outline of a cluster was developed in P2F under the leadership of Prof. Palkovits. Notable partners from research and industry could be won for this research plan. Overall 62 institutions are involved in "Power-to-X". The goal is to research an develop large-scale conditions to transform surplus electric energy into fuels and raw material for the chemical industry.

Throgh the work of Prof. Alexander Mitsos P2F is also involved in the consortium in the field of "restructuring of industry processes to a fluctuating energy supply". There he is one of the seven persons in charge. So P2F will be able to act as an interface between both of the Kopernikus Projects.