The Project House

  The Project House is located in the Fuel Design Center. Copyright: FDC_RWTH

Considering declining natural resources, alternative energy sources represent an ever-increasing growth potential. However, electricity from renewable energy sources is accompanied by a high fluctuation and partly unused energy. This leads to an inefficient use which depends on factors like weather conditions, inappropriate energy demand for existing offer or insufficient large-scale storages, which are extremely difficult to calculate. The use of this energy for a CO2-free fuel production provides one solution to tackle this challenge with the potential to be early economically feasible. The use of these fuels as an energy storage also constitutes a promising approach.

The Competence Center Power to Fuel (P2F) has devoted itself to the ambitious goal of developing innovative processes in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency in the conversion of electrical energy into fuels.

The interdisciplinary nature of the research at P2F forms the basis for a successful integration of all individual processes into a process chain from power generation, fuel production to its use. A holistic process analysis and optimization of the process with the fuel as degree of freedom is characterized by the Competence Center Power to Fuel. A total of eight research institutes of RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich are working together at P2F to develop a comprehensive overall concept.