Possible Cooperation


Industrial Affiliate Program

As a partner enterprise we guarantee a first access to current research results. As an offset to impulses and financial support from your side we grant active participation in meetings, workshops or conferences.

Process Analysis

The process analysis is an important step in the work of the Project House. All factors of the process chain are integrally analyzed through a model based process synthesis. The team’s expertise in the area of Life-Circle Assessment also helps to optimize the production process. A central feature of the Power-2-Fuel system is that the final product of the chemical synthesis is a freedom degree of the process development.

Therewith, the Project House provides the optimal conditions for you to optimize existing plants or to install new plants as most efficient as possible. The process analysis can relate to the whole process chain, from the fluctuating energy to the finished fuel, or as needed to individual areas.

Project Work

Through development projects, you will be integrated in the research process, always maintaining the utmost confidentiality. You can become a part of our interdisciplinary team and get access to the extensive infrastructure of the RWTH Aachen and the Research Center Jülich.

In addition there is the possibility to join development projects in cooperation with public funding, for example the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.